March 13, 2019

Save money by consolidating loans

You pay your loans on time, why should you be interested in a debt consolidation?

You think consolidation would be only for people with money problems who run far too many individual loans? So to speak, make 10 out of 10? Misinterpreted – debt repayment is particularly interesting for dutiful debtors due to incorrect repayment instructions for loans. For a consolidation, so you can save cash by the, is a good credit rating of advantage.

Prepayment Compensation on loans

An early repayment penalty on a loan is the compensation a bank pays when you repay a loan early. Now you can justifiably ask yourself what you really have of it – if the cancellation policy of your mortgage or another long-term loan is wrong, you do not have to pay prepayment penalties. And you ask yourself? W eil the money with which you now your loan or your mortgage to repay prematurely’s also turn borrowed – your profit, much lower interest rates.

In any case, thanks to the faulty cancellation policy, you benefit from the low interest rates on debt consolidation.

Erroneous cancellation policies can be found in a large proportion of loans and mortgages prior to 2010.

And your advantage?

Suppose you had a loan or mortgage a few years ago, then you had to pay much higher interest on the capital than you would have to pay for a new loan today. If you make a consolidation, you get a current interest on the capital, and you save depending on the amount of capital required thousands of euros.

We have an unprecedented period of low interest rates, it is worth taking a look at savings. Erroneous revocation instructions make it possible!

What we offer? A non-binding and free examination of your chances of success and the savings potential for you! Within 48 hours you will receive the exam result from us! When consolidation it is very important that you are advised reliably – not only the interest is important but also the additional costs. For this reason, you always tell us the effective interest rate, ie the interest plus ancillary costs, and not just the nominal interest rate.

The law firm consists of independent experts – put the test to the test – check your savings potential for free now!


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