April 13, 2019

Non-bank loan as proof without income statements

Non-bank loan as proof without income statements? The popularity of non-bank loans is not diminishing. Despite the fact that loan companies began to feel the effects of the 500+ program, because the demand for loans fell to PLN 1000, but it can not be said that they can not cope.

In the case of loan companies online, applying for a loan is very quick and takes only a few minutes. Filling out the registration form on the site is filling in a few headings, but it may happen that you still need to attach your documents. What? Below you will find the most important information.

A loan for ID card

A loan for ID card

This is the most popular and the most-searched option of borrowing money in a loan company. Most often, it is said about such loans that it is a fast loan for proof or a confirmation for a moment. This means that the only document required is an identity document. Short-time clients offer both fixed-loan and loan companies operating on the Internet. In the case of online businesses, it is enough to make a scan (the first and the second page of the document) and attach to the application sent.

A loan without income statements

It might seem that every lending loan company should even demand such certificates! But as you can see, it is not required in any loan company. In addition, the source of earned income and net earnings must be provided anyway, which allows the lender to get an idea of ​​our financial situation. In most loan companies, income information is crucial and allows us to examine our creditworthiness and thus answer the question: Is not borrowing money too risky?

A momentary with a certificate of earnings

A loan company requires the preparation of such certificates. It can be either a certificate of one or all of the obtained income. In this case, you should go to the employer to ask for a document. It is not necessary to specify that we need a certificate to submit it to a loan company. After all, banks also require such documents by granting loans and borrowings.

It should be noted that the source of income is not only the remuneration for work, but it can also be income from social assistance, maintenance, renting an apartment, etc.

Accepted non-banking loan income sources

Sources of income that are accepted depend on the selected loan company. Some possibilities:

contract of employment:

  • for a limited period,
  • contract for an indefinite period,
  • employer,
  • position.
  • monthly net income, or wage “on hand”,
  • payment form: on account or cash)

A non-bank loan for a certificate – an excerpt from a bank account

This is another example of a loan with a certificate. In addition to the required ID scan, you must also attach a bank account statement for the last 3 months. Practically, the company does not require earnings certificates because, having a list of revenues and expenses achieved in recent months, it will conduct a creditworthiness analysis and assess whether the cash loan in the amount you request will not affect your financial liquidity.

You do not have to go to a bank branch to receive such a statement. All you need to do is use your bank account online. After logging in, in the appropriate tab you can generate an extract for the indicated period. It can be saved in a disk as a .pdf file or printed.

Non-bank loan for retirees and pensioners

A quick loan addressed to seniors. The loan company makes it easier to take out a loan after sending a retirement or pension extract. Depending on the company, it can be a slice from the last month or from the last three months. If you do not have such an episode, because you receive benefits on your bank account, you must print a confirmation of payment to your account.