April 2, 2019

New Year’s loan – where to get the money quickly?



The end of December is a difficult time for our wallets. We have just spent money on holidays, and we need another cash injection. The New Year’s Eve is ahead of us, and that means that regardless of how we intend to say goodbye to the old year, we will need additional financial resources.

The trend towards expensive New Year’s Eve has been maintained in our country for several years. Accommodation in the mountains at the turn of the year is usually three times more expensive than usual, tickets for balls are an expense in the order of min. PLN 200 per person, and for entry to the average club on New Year’s Eve we have to pay at least a few dozen zlotys.

With such fees in perspective, many people decide to invite friends and spend New Year’s Eve at home. Although this solution appears to us as a cheaper option, in fact we also have to pay for expenses here.

In the face of the New Year’s cost, we are in a losing position. Whether we like it or not – we can not avoid it. Each of our ideas for this evening will generate expenses that we must fit into the home budget. And what if, after the holidays, it is empty? In such situations, you can slightly improve it with a quick loan from non-bank companies.

New Year’s loan – what should it be?

New Year

However, before we apply for a loan, it’s worth knowing what product you’re looking for. Due to its nature, the New Year’s Eve should have such features as:

  • no fee for granting a loan – the costs of a payday usually are not borne by new clients of a given company. So let’s take advantage of the offers of these brands, which we have not cooperated with yet,
  • quick analysis of the loan application – in the case of loans for New Year’s Eve time counts. Let’s choose those companies that declare that their applications are processed within a dozen or so minutes,
  • fast cash withdrawal – if the New Year’s break is usually needed immediately, we should choose those companies that pay money in the form of a transfer to the account. In our situation, waiting for a courier or a walk to the post office to collect cash is just an unnecessary waste of time.
  • long repayment period – at the beginning of the new year, we usually need more time to repair the home budget. Let’s remember about this by choosing a loan for New Year’s Eve and only reach for those offers that can be repaid within more than 30 days.

Perfect loans for New Year’s Eve

Perfect loans for New Year

Taking into account the features mentioned above, we looked at the offers of payday loans from our comparison website and we chose five which, in our opinion, perfectly fit into the nature of loans for New Year’s Eve. Here they are:

Loans with the longest repayment period (about 60 days) offer such brands as MoneyMan and Wonga. In the case of MoneyMan, the borrowed money is returned in two equal monthly installments. Wonga, however, allows you to pay off your entire capital only after two months. So if you need a New Year’s loan, click on the blue button next to the selected offer in the last column of the table above.

Order it safely


All brands in our comparator are proven loan offers. So you can use them without fear, and for borrowed funds to spend New Year’s Eve in the way we dream of. Remember, however, that despite the high amounts offered by lenders, we should only borrow as much as we will be able to give back at the agreed date. The security of lending depends mainly on ourselves. So let’s not enter the new year with debts that will keep us awake for long months.